What do the Pros do in the Off-Season?

August 1, 2008 at 9:30 pm 2 comments

Have you ever wondered what it’s like during the off-season for professional athletes?

  • Some are very focused and train all year round to keep themselves in top physical condition.
  • Some take some classes and complete their college education.
  • A few mull over their decisions.
  • Others apparently just eat a lot of vegetables.
  • A few can’t get away from competition.
  • This guy raps about booty snacking.

Today, however, I came across one of the weirdest off-season activities; filming a video short. Due to the popularity of YouTube and video shorts, it seems professional athletes can’t help but try it out. Here’s a link to a video short of Baron Davis and Steve Nash teaming up to show the world…. something… . Step Brother

Baron seems to be taking the bait-and-switch that Elton Brand pulled on him well.

Note: I only was able to watch the video with no sound due to equipment restrictions at my current location.


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  • 1. I'm a little teapot  |  August 1, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Chicagoans happier with their city than Parisians, New Yorkers

    Forget Paris! Chicagoans are much happier with their city. So are New Yorkers, according to a survey of 8,600 people in 14 of the world’s largest cities.

    Overall, 83% of big-city residents around the world are satisfied with where they live and 75% want to stay. But they want greener and cleaner cities that are more affordable, says Veolia Environnement, the environmental services company that conducted the survey.

    Half of the world’s population lives in cities and 60% are expected to by 2030.

    Are you an urbanite? If so, what do you like or dislike about your city?

    If you’re a suburbanite, check out this story about the changes that gas prices are forcing on the nation’s suburban areas.

    (This posting was written by USA TODAY’s Haya El Nasser. Graphic by Veolia Environnement.)

  • 2. Francis  |  August 1, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    If we widen the scope beyond but including American sports, then the following activities might come into play ( pardon the pun )
    a. Getting into trouble with law and order
    b. Wondering which team to go for that big money transfer
    c. Representing your country, and if you do well, refer to b.
    d. Getting women other than your wife pregnant. Gotta find some way to get rid of all that energy it seems.
    e. As a result of d and not doing well in b and/or c, wife decides to jump ship.


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