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The Laundry Basket – 2008/08/05

Do you like the post’s title? I’m creative. Whenever, I have a grab bag of stuff to write with no particular focus, I’ll make a “Laundry Basket” post.

Training Camp News is More Entertaining
No, I didn’t watch the hall of fame game. It’s a preseason NFL game. As much as I love football, I’m not going to go out of my way to watch the preseason games. I’ll probably try to catch some preseason games, but I had other things to do this past Sunday and the only update from the game was a text I got from my friend Marc: “Jared Lorenzen is terrible!” He couldn’t be that bad. I mean someone with colorful nicknames like “The Pillsbury Throwboy”, or “Lord of the Ring-Dings” has to be a model of athletic prowess, right?

After Instant Replay, MLB could use Doppler Radar

Can someone explain to me why the Cubs game was restarted after a 2 hour and 45 minute rain delay? Last night’s Cubs game was in the top of the 6th with the North Siders down 0-2. There was a down pour and a tornado warning issued. Almost 3 hours later, they decide to try to finish the game. They rattle off 2 more innings before the game is eventually when things like this kept happening. Lance Berkman had the right idea. (watch the big guy sprint!)

As much as I appreciate the umps trying to give the Cubbies a chance to come back in the game, if they just consulted a local meteorologist, they probably would have ended the game in the 6th. It was so crazy even the king gets arrested.

That Veggie Burger had my name on it!

Prince Fielder, or as I like to call him the Tubby Prince, got into a shoving match with Manny Parra in last night’s loss to the Reds. I think it was about the last Veggie Burger in the clubhouse.

No ire for Eyre

I’ve been critical of Scott Eyre, or as some “Sweet” manager’s call him, “Stevie”. He’s had a pretty rough year due to injury and with the some of our younger arms in the pen, Scott Eyre was squeezed off the bench. I didn’t really think much of it, as it was expected with Wood coming back. However, I felt bad for the guy after reading this article. He took the situation well and honorably. Good luck, Mr. Eyre. You seem to be a good guy.

hmmm I haven’t written much on football yet. Perhaps soon. I have to set up a few fantasy leagues anyway.


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