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Here’s hoping for a 900 yd season


From Chalk Talk w/ Larry Mayer from

How many Bears rookie running backs have rushed for 1,000 yards?

Paul D.
Lake Bluff, Illinois

Three Bears rookie running backs have topped 1,000 yards: Beattie Feathers (1,004 in 1934), Rashaan Salaam (1,074 in 1995) and Anthony Thomas (1,183 in 2001). Interestingly, the top four career rushers in Bears history all failed to rush for 1,000 yards as rookies: Walter Payton, Neal Anderson, Rick Casares and Gale Sayers. Sayers came the closest with 867 yards in 1965.


Football season is upon us and that means I spend days analyzing my fantasy leagues and longing for Sundays and Monday night (with the occassional Thursday).

From what I’ve read and briefly seen, I’m hoping Matt Forte becomes a solid back for the Bears for the next few years so draft picks can be used in other parts of the offense. It’s a interesting that the top rushers  for the Bears didn’t rush for 1000 yards their rookie year, even with the shorter schedules.  Mayer doesn’t indicate if  Payton, Sayers, Anderson, and Casares were starters (eg got the most rushing attempts) their rookie year.   However, look at the names that did rush over 1000 yards their rookie year: Rashaan Salaam. Anthony Thomas.  UGH.  If you’re wondering, Curtis Enis rushed for 133 yds his rookie year.

Since I’m on the topic of Chicago Bear draft busts, my college roommate Jim and I came across this poster in 2003.

This poster is funny and sad at the same time

This poster is funny and sad at the same time


September 5, 2008 at 2:52 pm 2 comments

A house divided?

Think of the kids

I was shopping on Amazon the other day, purchasing a Chicago Bears Garden Gnome. During my browsing, I came across the above “Welcome” mat. Granted it’s quite humorous (they had other mats like Michigan/Ohio State, Yankees/Red Sox) but can you imagine the silent Sundays when the teams are playing each other? Also, who decides what game to watch when the games overlap with each other? Relationships are hard enough without having conflicting loyalties in the house.

What about the kids? Confusion of this magnitude could cause some mental truama that results in this. Give the kids a chance!

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