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What do the Pros do in the Off-Season?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like during the off-season for professional athletes?

  • Some are very focused and train all year round to keep themselves in top physical condition.
  • Some take some classes and complete their college education.
  • A few mull over their decisions.
  • Others apparently just eat a lot of vegetables.
  • A few can’t get away from competition.
  • This guy raps about booty snacking.

Today, however, I came across one of the weirdest off-season activities; filming a video short. Due to the popularity of YouTube and video shorts, it seems professional athletes can’t help but try it out. Here’s a link to a video short of Baron Davis and Steve Nash teaming up to show the world…. something… . Step Brother

Baron seems to be taking the bait-and-switch that Elton Brand pulled on him well.

Note: I only was able to watch the video with no sound due to equipment restrictions at my current location.


August 1, 2008 at 9:30 pm 2 comments

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